So I have fallen a little behind my goal here.

But I’m planning to keep on going! I think I can still make it to 100, even if it means a few especially readerly weeks.

Here’s the deal:

Last week I was laid under with some terrible virus. I’ll spare you the details, but I was not well, warm, or awake for many of those hours.

I have also been incredibly busy which is kind of great. I’ve been reviewing books for Canada’s book trade mag, The Quill and Quire, including Carrie Snyder’s beautiful novel in stories The Juliet Stories, and for The National Post, and as part of my column on the Toronto Standard.  So I have definitely been reading. And now that I’m kind of used to working on these things, in addition to what I’m doing at The Millions and The New Inquiry,  I will be much better at keeping up with my work here.

Which is ideal, seeing how I  really like what we’re doing here on Bookside Table, and I am planning to keep coming at you with short stories. I wanted to read 100 short stories this year because I want to keep getting better at reading them. Plus, I think it’s fun to talk about them! So let’s keep doing it!