How do you choose what to read?

I’m not sure. It’s not a very well curated project, as it stands. I tend to enjoy literary fiction, experimental fiction, and what I would call wonky memoir, and I haven’t really thought about going outside of these genres. While occasionally the opportunity to read things that have some thematic link in succession presents itself, it is more often the case that I’ve read a book because I liked the cover, or because the author or work is “important” in some canonical regard, and I want to read it to better understand all the good stuff that may have come after it. Or someone else told me it was great.

Who’s the shutterbug?

Well, unless I’m in the photo, then it’s my best friend/ lover CY. If there’s no nerdy brunette in frame it means I’m behind the lens. We shoot with a Nikon D3000, but at the moment only have a 35mm lens. So no fancy stuff! I also have never in my life used Photoshop, which means we just upload the raw file. Addendum: CY recently acquired a fancier camera, a Cannon 60D, so look out for sharper focus and better light in the last 15 posts.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course! If it’s not on this list, you can e-mail me your questions, compliments (!), book recomendations, etc., at e.m.keeler[at]!

I will try to answer your e-mail within a reasonable time frame, but I can’t make any promises because I usually read paper books rather than on e-readers, and I don’t have an iPhone, so I don’t get many notifications of new messages, and sometimes I forget to check my e-mail, and even though reading and eating and sleeping are my main activities, oh! and money earning and spending, so I’m not actually all that busy, I sometimes feel really really much too busy (sleeping, or reading) to check my e-mail all of the time .